Helping you hear

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Most of the times that hearing aids stop working, the problem will turn out to be related to either moisture or cerumen (ear wax).  Here are a few tips to avoid these problems:

1.  Clean your hearing aid every night when you take it out of your ear, using ONLY a soft cloth and the brush/cleaning tool you got from your hearing professional.  Wipe the outside of the aid off with the cloth.  Then use the brush to clean off any visible dirt and wax both on the battery side and the end that goes in your ear.  Look carefully in the sound tube.  If you see any cerumen, clean it with the wire loop given you by your hearing professional.  Anything else may damage the tiny electronics.

2.  Leave the battery door open at night so any moisture caught inside can escape.

3.  Place the hearing aid in a drying box every night.  The best ones are electrically operated and may also sanitize your aid, reducing odor.

4.  If you perspire heavily, consider wearing a sweat band.  If you wear behind-the-ear aids, you may want to purchase special sweat protectors for them.  In-the-ear and canal aids are less susceptible to perspiration but do sometimes get wet, too.

5.  If your hearing aid gets wet, hold it in your hand and dry it with a blow dryer.  If the air is too hot for your hand, it's too hot for the aid.